What does a girl do when she finds herself accidentally pregnant, moving across the country, leaving her job & with way too much time on her hands??? Well, this one starts a blog allowing her to obsess about natural parenting! I started this blog hoping to get clear on this whole parenting thing and to have a place to catalog all of my findings and opinions. It’s kind of evolved into a daily journal & much more!

I thought i’d save my readers a little bit of time and actually explain the kinda things I blog about and what’s important to me! So, if for whatever reason, this isn’t your cup of tea, I totally understand!

  • I am an advocate for natural, home childbirth with a midwife (for healthy women)
  • We are not anti-vaccination, but I do believe in a delayed schedule
  • We are not into attachment parenting at it’s fullest, we believe that parents know what’s best for their children
  • We think baby wearing is awesome!
  • I think organic, natural foods are best for baby and parents
  • I plan to breast feed between 6 mos. to 1 year
  • We cloth diaper! It’s better for baby and the environment
  • We love doulas & think they are an excellent resource for an all-natural birth
  • We are libertarians who like to research all sides
  • We believe our bodies have a natural power to heal on their own but will seek medical attention when it’s necessary
  • I always try natural, homeopathic medicine first
  • We make our own baby food
  • I am doing placenta encapsulation due to my history of depression
  • We are pro-choice
  • We are pro birth control
  • We are not religious but are very respectful of spirituality
  • We try to use natural, home-made cleaning products

I encourage lots of research when it comes to your family and kids. It’s important to learn as much as you can and then go with your instincts! I hope to catalog excellent resources under my list of links that helped me get educated on all of the choices you have for your new baby and family. Not everything is this serious here, though! Along with this information I also hope to share with you my artwork (I’m a studio artist), blogs I love to catch up on, recipes, news about baby, my personal birth story and whatever else strikes my fancy!